Upland Brewery Expanding

Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington says it must stay on top of innovation to stay successful in a fiercely competitive industry. Dr. K sits down with Upland’s founder in this month’s Innovators with Dr. K.... Read More

The INnovators: Environmental Concrete Products

This month’s INnovators with Dr. K segment features Environmental Concrete Products LLC, a Purdue startup that has developed a product called Fluid iSoylator that can be used to protect new and existing concrete. Founder Paul Imbrock says the product could extend the life of concrete.... Read More

INnovators With Dr. K: Holdfolio

Two young entrepreneurs are out to revitalize urban neighborhoods by combining crowdfunding and residential real estate. The founders of Holdfolio are the subjects of this month’s Innovators with Dr. K.... Read More

INnovators: Checking in With CoatChex

A Hoosier entrepreneur who once turned down an investment offer from fellow Indiana University graduate Mark Cuban is enjoying national growth. During the INnovators With Dr. K, Pacqué said CoatChex has begun operating in airports.... Read More

INnovators: Big T Takes Off in Big Apple

Hoosier native Theresa Krier was inspired to create a couture tea beverage while working backstage at New York Fashion Week. Today, Big T NYC is a staple at the event and is sold online and at stores in the city.... Read More

The INnovators: Layers By Design

Northeast Indiana Entrepreneur Jessica Hunnicutt, has channeled her engineering background to launch a unique jewelry business. Layers By Design LLC features pieces crafted by 3D- printing technology.... Read More

The INnovators: Iris Works

This month's INnovators with Dr. K segment features portrait photographer Meredith Gradle, who has developed Iris Works, an all-inclusive studio management system that caters to photographers.... Read More