DEKALB COUNTY - Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has filed a complaint against a Dekalb County man, accusing him of running a fraudulent pyramid scheme.

According to the complaint, Michael Wasnich and his company United Freedom Team LLC allegedly solicited consumers to buy into the scheme with the opportunity to make thousands of dollars if they convinced others to join after them.

Under the Indiana Pyramid Promotional Schemes Act, it’s illegal to establish, promote or operate any pyramid-style business in the state.

In the complaint, Attorney General Curtis Hill said Wasnich allegedly solicited customers through websites and YouTube videos.

Hill says pyramid operations base the income a participant can make solely on the number of people they recruit to join.

Hill’s office says it’s seeking an injunction prohibiting Wasnich and his company from operating the business.

The AG’s office says it is seeking restitution to consumer victims of the scheme as well as civil penalties and court costs.

A person who violates this act is subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000 per violation.