CARMEL - A Carmel-based advertising and communications agency is undergoing a major expansion beyond its media services.  JDA Worldwide has announced the launch of a new brand and firm, Prolific.

The new company will provide strategic growth planning and management consulting services.

“For years, regional and smaller national companies have lacked the fire power to compete nationally. We intend to implement practices that allow them to scale, capture more market share, and realize a greater fulfillment of their mission,” said Chief Executive Officer Brad Benbow.

Benbow says the name, JDA Worldwide, will remain and the business will continue to serve its clients as an advertising agency.

Prolific executives say this a new venture with a different mission and focus with a goal to help national and emerging brands to grow and maximize revenue.

“Our purpose is simple. We seek out leaders with high vision and high values that have a special purpose in our world.  Then, we work hard to maximize their organization's impact and value,” said Benbow.

The company says many other large advertising agencies across the country are merging with management consulting firms, which prompted the decision to create Prolific.

Benbow will serve as CEO of both companies. Prolific has also announced the addition of Dave Neff as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Neff most recently served as president and CEO of EDGE Mentoring.