INDIANAPOLIS - A nonprofit organization that oversees organ donations in the state of Indiana says four million Hoosiers have joined the Indiana donor registry.

Representatives of Donate Life Indiana say that is the first time in the organization’s history it has reached that milestone.

The current population of Indiana is approximately 6.7 million. With enrollment topping four million, the organization says the percentage of people willing to share organs, tissue and corneas is impressive.

“We are currently leading the Midwest in donor registrations, with more than 75% of Indiana citizens over the age of 18 registered as donors,” said Steve Johnson, president of Donate Life Indiana.

The nonprofit says one donor can save up to eight lives through organ donations. The organization says approximately 114,000 people nationwide are on waiting lists for organ transplants with 1,300 of those patients in Indiana.

In Indiana, 99% of donor registrations take place at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. However, anyone can register their decision online at