INDIANAPOLIS - Calling the traditional law firm model a “dinosaur,” three Indianapolis-based attorneys have launched a new practice.

Attorneys Kimberly Jeselskis, BJ Brinkerhoff and Hannah Kaufman Joseph have formed JBJ Legal at a coworking space.

“Clients dread the billable hour and have come to think of lawyers as a necessary evil rather than a trusted adviser and business partner,” explained Joseph.

The group says the business of practicing law has changed with the advent of automation, self-service legal options, and increasing competition in the marketplace.

“We recognize one size doesn’t fit all,” said Jeselskis. “We work to understand what the client needs and find them the solution that fits their situation, budget, and goals.”

The law firm is not only re-thinking how it works, but where. JBJ Legal says it will work out of a coworking space, Industrious Mass Ave.

“Co-working feels approachable, energetic, progressive, and reflects our personalities,” said Brinkerhoff.

The firm specializes in employment and labor law, as well as serving the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.