INDIANAPOLIS - INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus has announced top priorities for the 2020 legislative session. Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson)  and other Democratic members Monday shared the main initiatives taking the stage next year. 

Senate Democrats say they plan to put the drawing of district maps into the hands of a nonpartisan body, work to decriminalize possession of marijuana under one ounce and push to require the safe storage of firearms as well as close the loopholes in background checks to purchase firearms. 

“While we will offer dozens of bills this session aimed at improving the lives of Hoosiers, our caucus is unanimous in the decision to collectively advocate on behalf of these three initiatives,” Sen. Lanane said. “It is time for the voters to regain the power to choose their legislators, for Hoosiers to stop being put behind bars for simple possession charges and for our children and all citizens to be safer from those with firearms that shouldn’t have them.”

Sen. Lanane also said without some support from the Republican supermajority, the bills have little hope of passage and encouraged Hoosiers to contact their representatives and let their voices be heard about the issues.