WESTFIELD - WESTFIELD, Ind – The city of Westfield has created an award to acknowledge people who are making a difference in their community and making it an inviting place to visit or live.

Mayor Andy Cook this week announced the launch of the “Westfield Way” award.  Cook says the city will once a month honor individuals who practice exemplary service.  The city of Westfield will be presenting an award to honor individuals in the community who practice exemplary service. 
“A community is not defined solely by amenities or what is built,” said Mayor Andy Cook. “What truly makes a community great is found in the people- how we serve and support one another.”

The city says the award is an extension of the city’s hospitality initiative, an effort to better serve all who work, play and live in Westfield.

A committee made up of community members and city of Westfield staff will select award recipients from public nominations submitted on the Westfield Welcome website.