INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana State University this week rededicated its newly-renovated Fine Arts Building. The $15 million project, which was completed in the fall, the facility's project updated the mechanical and electrical systems and access to technology.

Other features of the renovation include a glass atrium, a new elevator and the restoration of the building’s finishings.

The Fine Arts building houses the university’s music business, music education, art appreciation, printmaking and graphic design programs. 

Artwork by alumni Marquise Gibbs and Zachary Moore, and faculty member Nancy Nichols-Pethick, is featured in the facility.

“The design team included faculty from the very first meetings when we were talking about the spaces,” Olsen said. “The new teaching spaces reflect that fact. They now allow for the best practices in teaching these areas, and it means the learning experiences are so much better in many, many ways — too many ways to list, in fact,” said College of Arts and Sciences Dean Chris Olsen.