INDIANAPOLIS - IndyGo is once again extending its free ride service on the Red Line as it continues to test and implement its troubled fare system. The new extension runs through the end of November.

The agency has struggled with its ticket vending system and mobile app for the new bus line since it started rolling in September.

IndyGo’s Board of Directors at its September meeting approved the extension of free fares due to the delayed delivery of the MyKey fare system.

Then in October, additional problems caused the board to extend the free fare period through November 10.

As it approached the end of the free-fare period, problems continued. IndyGo and the ticket vendor, Flowbird, devised a temporary fare collection system for the Red Line stations.

The transit agency says the temporary fare solution will allow riders to purchase two-hour transfer tickets, as well as day and week, passes with both cash and credit card. IndyGo intends to have it operational December 1.

Fare inspectors onboard the Red Line will verify the time-stamped paper tickets. IndyGo says the temporary fare solution is separate from the MyKey fare system.

“We are choosing to hold the launch of the MyKey fare system until we are confident that all components of the system are fully functional for our riders,” said Bryan Luellen, vice president of public affairs for IndyGo.

Luellen says staff members have been testing the temporary fix. IndyGo intends to roll out the temporary systems over the next week.

For the time being, the agency says it intends to work and test the permanent MyKey ticket vending system.