LAFAYETTE - Lafayette-based winter accessories company French Knot has partnered with the Division of Consumer Science at Purdue University to offer a unique competition for students looking to break into the fashion industry. Students will compete for the chance to merchandise French Knot’s warehouse space for its Annual Sale.

French Knot is a fashion knitwear company that designs hats, handwarmers, and gifts that are made by artisans in Nepal.

Students who register for the competition will tour the warehouse space by themselves or in a team of up to three. They will complete a design for a warehouse that reflects French Knot's brand and delivers on a "fun, festive, and easy shopping experience."

Design submissions must be completed on November 18 and the winner will be chosen on November 21. The contest is designed to help students get their foot in the door  and build their resumes. 

“The fashion industry can be tough to break into and recognizing a deserving student with this award will hopefully help their resume stand-out when applying for jobs. Fashion companies in New York offered awards when I was a student and I hope to pay it forward the same way," said Owner Lindsay Mason.

The winning students will be given a design budget of $300 and begin merchandising setup with French Knot employees this month.