INDIANAPOLIS - A blighted and crime-ridden apartment complex on the east side of Indianapolis is finally coming down, more than five years since the court ordered Oaktree Apartments to be closed.

City and community leaders were on hand for the start of the demolition work of the 19-acre property near 42nd Street and Post Road.

The complex has been vacant since 2014 when the Marion County Health Department condemned the property and a Marion County Superior Court judged ordered the removal of 46 tenants living in the complex.

Since then, it's been a lengthy court battle that didn't get resolved until this past August.

The city has long since considered it a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of people living and working on the far eastside.

The city filed a nuisance case against the property owner, Indy Diamond LLC. The mayor’s office says nearly 200 additional orders, such as repair, vacant board orders, and high weeds & grass violations have been issued against the property since 2015.

“Oaktree Apartments does not represent the people of this neighborhood. It does not represent the people of this city.  And today, it’s coming down,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

The mayor’s office expects demolition to take six months to complete.