WARSAW - Warsaw-based WishBone Medical has partnered with Texas-based distributor Optimal. The two have signed a global distribution agreement that aims to expand WishBone’s reach and increase widespread distribution of the company’s pediatric orthopedic products.

The commitment's main focus will be to work together to provide global access to anatomically correct implants and instruments for children by using channel partner sales associates to deliver WishBone Medical’s single-use, sterile packed, complete procedure kits to pediatric surgeons on a global scale.

Optimal says its Master Distribution program is partnered with "all of the national distributors across the country and can reach virtually all surgeons in the pediatric orthopedics industry."

Optimal’s Government Services program will also provide direct access to Veteran Administration Medical Centers and Department of Defense Military Treatment Facilities around the world, as well as Indian Health Service Hospitals nationwide

“This is a huge day for surgeons who have not been able to gain access to pediatric orthopedic implants. The collaboration between WishBone Medical and Optimal creates a phenomenal network and outreach to the pediatric patient and their caregivers that has been needed for a long, long time,” said Nick Deeter, WishBone Medical’s Founder and chief executive officer.