INDIANAPOLIS - A college intern with a passion for the environment is leading the way on recycling efforts at White River State Park in Indianapolis.

The state park has unveiled its new recycling initiative which it says, if successful, could divert about 30 tons of waste from ending up in a landfill.

The initiative calls for the installation of 10 co-mingled use recycling receptacles throughout the urban park.

WRSP says summer intern Meghan Ziegler completed a waste management audit at the park. She developed recommendations aimed at cost-savings and providing a level of social responsibility to the effort.

A junior at IUPUI, Ziegler measured the composition ratio of recyclable materials to organic waste in each area of the park. 

“As park visitors enjoy our over 250 acres of greenspace, waterways, and trails, they now have the opportunity to recycle, helping to preserve our beautiful park,” said Ziegler. “It is gratifying to have had the support of our staff in believing in and launching this initiative. It is equally exciting to see it come to fruition.”  

WRSP says the ten receptacles will be placed in locations that will optimize the collection of recyclable materials. 

Each year, White River State Park hires interns from universities throughout the state to work on various projects throughout the park.