SHELBURN - The town of Shelburn is rolling out a revamped brand, Simply Shelburn. The Sullivan County town is also launching a website and Facebook page as part of the rebrand, which is aimed at promoting economic development within the town and focuses on current projects.

Town officials say the brand aims to recognize and celebrate the value of what the town of 1,000 calls “the small-town good life” through a digital platform.

By visiting the website,, users can learn more about the historic aspects of the town and stay up to date on town hall meetings, coding ordinances and a soon-to-be online bill pay for water customers.

Shelburn’s new Facebook page,, allows residents to read about upcoming events and notices while travelers and neighboring communities can interact with and plan for future visits.

“We are so proud of this new website and overall brand. It truly embraces the story of Shelburn while emphasizing and elevating our historic assets,” said Jay Southwood, Shelburn’s Clerk-Treasurer.