INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis-based Damar Services has cut the ribbon on an 8,000-square-foot Independent Living Center. The new space will provide a teaching place for youth and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to learn to live more independently.

Damar says it has always offered independent living instruction, but the new center gives the 50-year-old organization a dedicated space where it can offer more skills training.

The space for the new center became available when Damar moved its ABA Autism Services to an Avon location earlier this year to support the program's growth. 

The Independent Living Center is open only to Damar clients.

Damar provides three hours each week of independent-living skill-building courses for approximately 173 clients up to the age of 21. 

With the additional space in the center, Damar is expanding its program offerings with music and art therapy, a library, a media center, a teaching kitchen, a computer lab, a sensory room and an Independent Skills lab that teaches job skills.

“With this new dedicated Independent Living Center, we can provide a more robust program with a broader menu of services and additional hands-on experiences,” said Damar President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Dalton, “and that means we can do even more to help our clients grow and acquire life skills so many of us take for granted.”

The space is located at 6067 Decatur Blvd in Indianapolis.