INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis-based Republic Airways and Junior Achievement are today dedicating a new educational experience for students who want to learn about careers in flight. It’s called the Republic Airways Hangar at JA BizTown.

It’s located at the JA complex on north Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis.

The space features a mock airplane cabin and cockpit, complete with airplane passenger seats. Inside the cockpit, students will be able to witness a virtual reality flight experience. Similar technology is used with Republic’s LIFT Academy Lab.

There’s also an area for aircraft maintenance and a departure board.

JA BizTown combines in-class learning with a visit to a simulated town or work setting.  It allows children to practice real-world skills, like managing a business or writing checks.

Last month, Republic celebrated its first anniversary of the Leadership in Flight Training (LIFT) Academy.

As part of the celebration, the airline announced it will add a LIFT maintenance curriculum to train the next generation of airplane maintenance workers.