INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis-based Elevate Ventures has launched a new pitch competition to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into realities. The venture capital firm has started accepting applications for the inaugural Elevate Nexus Regional Pitch Competition.

Elevate Nexus was launched in July to provide programming and funding to higher education institutions, communities and entrepreneurs in Indiana.

Elevate Ventures says this competition will be organized by three regions and each region will have two categories; pre-seed and seed classes.

Pre-seed awards are for startups seeking funds to build a minimum viable product. Three pre-seed winners will be awarded a $20,000 investment.

Seed awards are for companies that are further along and are building and testing the products and processes. Two winners in this category will receive an $80,000 investment.

Finalists will be selected October 21 with the competition taking place the last week of October at the following locations:

  • Northern Region: October 29 Innovation Park at Notre Dame, South Bend
  • Central Region: October 30 Lacy School of Business at Butler University, Indianapolis
  • Southern Region: October 31 WestGate Academy, Odon, IN

Each winner will be considered an Elevate Ventures’ portfolio business and will have access to Elevate’s network of advisors and resources.

You can click here to get more details and eligibility requirements.