INDIANAPOLIS - Lyft is partnering with the Brewers of Indiana Guild to provide discounted rides home from participating breweries through October 31. The Rides on Tap program offers 50 percent off Lyft rides with proof of receipt to an employee of the participating brewery. The program aims to provide safe rides home to patrons while promoting local breweries and their craft beers. 

Participating breweries of the program include Daredevil Brewery, Black Acre Brewing and Four Day Ray Brewing. 

The list of participating breweries includes:

  • Fountain Square Brewing
  • New Day Craft Mead & Hard Cider
  • Bier Brewery
  • Broad Ripple Brew Pub
  • Guggman Haus Brewing Co.
  • Lafayette Brewing Co.
  • Traders Brewing Co.
  • Deviate Brewing
  • Thieme and Wagner Brewing Co.
  • Grand Junction Brewing
  • Centerpoint Brewing Co.
  • Black Acre Brewing
  • Indiana City Brewing
  • Metazoa Brewing Co.
  • Daredevil Brewery
  • People’s Brewery
  • Four Day Ray Brewing

"Brewers of Indiana Guild and Indiana's independent craft brewers are always striving to be industry leaders for the responsible consumption of alcohol,” said Rob Caputo, executive director of the Guild. “We wish to promote and support those programs that ensure that all of our customers arrive safely at their destination. Lyft's Rides on Tap program is a great way to safely and responsibly get to, and from, your favorite local participating brewery so that you can sample the best local craft beers without having to get behind the wheel."