INDIANAPOLIS - IndyGo on Sunday began its transition to a new way for riders to pay for the service, starting by making the lowest-priced ticket more valuable to riders. 

The entire IndyGo system was free to ride from Sept. 1-14 to coincide with the launch of the Red Line. The Red Line remains free until Oct. 1.

In the past, riders could buy single-trip tickets or day pass tickets at the fare box on IndyGo buses. Riders wanting a single trip on a single bus inserted $1.75 in exact change, received no paper ticket, and paid an additional $1.75 for any other rides.

Starting Sunday, IndyGo riders will pay the same price of $1.75 and receive a paper ticket valid for two hours of transfers on any buses in the system.

The new transfer tickets work like day passes, which cost $4 and are validated each time a rider gets on a bus. Those passes will remain the same, according to IndyGo.

As the new fare system falls into place at IndyGo, riders will be able to register with the MyKey system, which will let them use an app or a reloadable hard card to pay for bus trips. It will also keep track of trips so riders can take advantage of fare caps.

Under the new fare policy, once a rider spends $4 in fares in one day, the rest of the day’s rides would be free. Once a rider spends $15.75 in one week (Monday to Sunday), the rest of that week would be free.

IndyGo on Sunday said the MyKey mobile app, vending machines and reloadable cards would be available “in the coming weeks.”