INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs has established a unique peer mentorship program to benefit the town of Edinburgh. The cities of Rushville and Wabash will work with Edinburgh to gather best practices and encourage local leaders to use in-person assessments, stakeholder conversations and advisement to advance the growth of the community. 

“Rushville’s strong community engagement, public-private partnership and the ability to achieve success through planning and dedication make them an ideal mentor,” said Jodi Golden, Executive Director of OCRA. “We are excited Wabash has also agreed to help provide insight into downtown redevelopment, economic vitality and riverfront development.

Groups from Wabash and Rushville will visit Edinburgh to allow leaders to showcase the town's assets and to find areas of improvement. The mentorship team will find ways to collaborate on various identified projects. Edinburgh will finish the process with steps guided by OCRA, which will include specific ideas, possible partners and suggestions for future community development. 

“Our downtown revitalization efforts will be enhanced by establishing a collaboration with a mentor community. Such collaboration efforts foster an insightful vision from a community that has already addressed their downtown revitalization,"  JT Doane, Edinburgh Town Manager. "A mentor group will offer a unique perspective to create a vision that is unique and special to our community!”

The town of Edinburgh will be awarded a $20,000 cash matched grant to perform a quality of place project based on feedback and recommendations from the peer group process. Click here for more information.