WEST LAFAYETTE - The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network is usually associated with high-tech jobs and next-generation manufacturing, but WHIN is also interested in improving the quality of life for residents in its region. 

WHIN has awarded the Wabash River Enhancement Corp. a $35,000 grant to put towards the concept of constructing a 90-mile pedestrian and bike trail.
The trail would run near the Wabash River and initially extend through five of the region’s ten counties.

Right now, WREC and community leaders are in a very early stage of the process. The group is working with Indianapolis-based engineering firm Kimley Horn to evaluate the potential scope of work and the development of a detailed plan. 

WHIN says the next phase of the project would include collecting data and information about corridor resources and mapping potential routes.
The trail would be designed to eventually connect all 10 counties of the region.