Montgomery County and the county seat of Crawfordsville will be teaming up to jointly brand the community and the area as a way to attract more businesses and visitors.  Mayor Todd Barton and County Commissioners’ President Jim Fulwider announced the launch of the marketing strategy to create an identity outside the county borders.

“It is no secret to those who live and do business here we have a safe and welcoming community,” said Fulwider, “But we need to tell our story beyond our borders if we want to effectively grow our community.” 

Indianapolis-based Pivot Marketing has been hired to work with the municipalities to build innovative and sustainable brand identities.

“Too many times we hear from those unfamiliar with Crawfordsville/Montgomery County that they didn’t know we existed and then when they get here and take a tour, are amazed at the incredibly rich history and vibrant downtown,” said Barton.

City and county leaders say they already have a close partnership for infrastructure improvements and community programs, but they need an organized, joint effort, to market those improvements.

Pivot Marketing will host focus groups, conduct surveys and gather interviews with stakeholders from across the county to help develop a strategy and brand.