FORT WAYNE - Fort Wayne-based Parkview Health has launched a specialty pharmacy program to support patients who have complex medication needs, requiring prescriptions that can often reach thousands of dollars.  To address those concerns, Parkview says the program will integrate pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons directly into patient care teams.

The health system says patients with chronic conditions may require specialty medications and support to adhere to their therapy regimen and to help address side effects from the drugs. 

“We know patients who use specialty medications need far more than a place to fill their prescriptions,” said Chris Jellison, corporate director of pharmacy, Parkview Health. “They need a team that will help ease the physical, mental and financial burden of managing their medical condition.” 

Parkview says patients in the program will receive in-person medication education and ongoing support from Fort Wayne-based pharmacists who have advanced clinical training and board certifications. 

“By embedding pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons directly into our clinics, we’re providing a localized, high-touch experience and creating truly patient-centered care,” said Thomas Bond, MD, chief medical officer, Parkview Physicians Group. 

The pharmacists will also collaborate directly with providers to develop and manage treatment plans. “This team streamlines the patient experience and helps ensure they can follow the treatment plans laid out by their providers,” said Jellison.

The specialty medicines can be expensive and require monthly out-of-pocket costs to the patient, creating a financial burden for some patients.
Parkview says embedded pharmacy liaisons will handle financial assistance applications, insurance authorizations, medication refills and more, reducing the administrative burden specialty medications may create for patients and providers.