DALEVILLE - Daleville Community Schools this week revoked the charters for Indiana Virtual Education Inc. Our partners at WFYI report a public meeting to discuss the Indiana Virtual School's closure was scheduled for Tuesday, but resulted in the school’s board members either not showing up or resigning.

The virtual school was previously sponsored by the state of Indiana and authorized by Daleville Community Schools. 

WFYI reports representatives appeared in front of a federal grand jury earlier this month and a U.S. Attorney's office also issued a subpoena for evidence. The state alleges the schools received more than $40 million in state funds from “exaggerated student enrollment data for three years.”

Carrie Bennett was previously school staff and says she was hoping to get some information and back pay. The publication says the schools did not issue checks for a mid-July-to-August pay period. 

“We showed tonight because we were trying to support the kids," Bennett told WFYI. "It’s sad board members that are supposed to have them at their highest priority didn’t bother showing or resigned just before they could have the opportunity to do anything.”

According to WFYI, some board members did not attend the meeting in person or by phone and it was unclear if they too had resigned.