INDIANAPOLIS - Riley Children’s Health at Indiana University Health has announced it was added to an exclusive consortium of children’s hospitals focused on the discovery and development of new cures for pediatric cancer. CureWorks focuses on expanding clinical trials, sharing expertise and accelerating the development of promising cures.

Riley says it is the only member hospital in the Midwest, joining one from Los Angeles, another from Seattle and a third from Washington D.C.

“This opportunity to work with esteemed partners will allow more rapid development of the new frontier of care to help children fight cancer,” said Riley Children’s Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Elaine Cox.

Cox says the collaboration allows Riley oncologists and IU School of Medicine researchers greater access to immunotherapy trials for children fighting cancer.

“Our goal is to more quickly develop treatments with fewer side effects, better remission rates and, ultimately, enable more kids with cancer to grow up and realize their full potential,” said Dr. Michael Jensen, executive director of CureWorks.

Jensen says CureWorks streamlines immunotherapy production, clinical trial enrollment and the trial coordination process.