INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Advanced Energy Economy group says the number of clean energy jobs in 2018 increased four times higher than the state’s overall jobs growth of one percent. The report adds that more Hoosiers work in green energy jobs than those who work in auto parts manufacturing.

Indiana AEE released employment data showing 90,600 people work in Indiana’s advanced energy sector, compared to nearly 65,000 jobs in the production of auto parts.

“Advanced energy is a significant segment of Indiana’s workforce and economy,” said Caryl Auslander, director with Indiana AEE. “Given the trends we see — strong demand for advanced energy technologies and plans by some Indiana utilities to invest in more renewables and energy efficiency — the state will continue to see positive economic impact.”

The national AEE office says of all the clean energy-related jobs in Indiana, the advanced vehicle category represents 19 percent of the jobs, which also had the largest growth rate.

During the latest legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly supported the creation of 21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force, a 15-member panel charged with evaluating state policies concerning electric generation.

The Indiana AEE said it was an important step for the state.

“Our leaders have an opportunity to spur this growth with more options to help businesses around the state meet their renewable energy goals for 2020 and beyond. This is good for business, good for customers, and good for the State of Indiana," said Auslander.

The panel is required to look at different energy sources, including clean energy, to analyze the effect the reliability, resilience and affordability of electric service.

The task force is to issue a report back to the governor and the legislature by the end of 2020 with recommendations for energy policies.

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