WEST LAFAYETTE - Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch has created the Brilliant Firefly award to recognize outstanding achievement and extraordinary community involvement in young people statewide. She presented the inaugural award to 11 West Lafayette Community School Corp. students last week. 

The students helped nominate and name the Say’s Firefly as the Indiana state insect.

The Brilliant Firefly honorees include:

  • Kayla Xu
  • Ethan Clampitt-Morales
  • Keve St. Hilaire
  • Emma Williams
  • Caitrin Duffy
  • Virginia Zhao
  • Richard Dowery
  • Yashi Varma
  • Oshin Lindsay
  • Jessica Xie
  • Mert Yavuz

The new award provides the Indiana General Assembly the ability to nominate young Hoosiers in their district for the Lt. Governor’s Brilliant Firefly award. 

“The Brilliant Firefly award now gives the state a way to honor young Hoosiers for their achievements,” said Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch in a news release. “What better way to kick off this award, than to present representatives from four of West Lafayette’s classes with the first designation in recognition of their thoughtful and tenacious civic engagement to name our state insect. I look forward to recognizing many more young Hoosiers who are lighting Indiana’s future with the Brilliant Firefly award.” 

To learn more about the award, click here.