EVANSVILLE - Evansville-based SafeKeeping LLC has secured $330,000 in seed funding to further expand its integrated care dashboard app, a communications platform for long-term care providers. The funding comes primarily from Solidea Capital in New York.

SafeKeeping says the funds will allow the company to expand offerings and support additional care facilities.

The company says its technology allows caregivers to engage and communicate with families who have loved ones in a long-term care facility. The technology, for example, allows families to receive alerts when there’s a change in the resident’s condition.

“We know it's critical first to ensure that said families can engage with nurses in a meaningful way, which allows facilities to operate as efficiently as possible," said SafeKeeping co-founder and CEO, Doug Wilcox.

The platform provides to families a view of care instructions, vitals, medicines, and risk assessments through a connected device instead of calling the facility. On the business side, the system helps facilities better manage caregiver’s time by reducing call volume and allowing staff to focus on care delivery.

"Our ability to save facility staff time and energy and provide them with an easy-to-use mean for communication is what allows the flow of information to families to become an integrated part of the long-term care process" said Wilcox.