CONVERSE - First Farmers Financial Corp., the parent of Converse-based First Farmers Bank & Trust, has named Mark Holt president of the bank and director of both First Farmers Financial Corp. and First Farmers Bank & Trust. Holt has served as an executive vice president of the bank since 2015 and was on the company's board from 1997 to 2015.

Gene Miles, the company's current president and CEO, says the change comes with his desire to lighten his workload. Miles will remain the president and CEO of First Farmers Financial Corp., the CEO of First Farmers Bank & Trust, and a director of both.

“Gene has done a tremendous job creating value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities during his 40 years with the organization. We're pleased he will continue to serve this organization as the Chief Executive Officer and as a Director. This allows us to continue to utilize his wisdom and base of knowledge as he serves as a leader in the community and industry,” said First Farmers Financial Corp. Board Chairman, Brian Renbarger in a news release. 

Holt will step into his new role in September.