INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis-based e-commerce company, operating under the mission of “buy one, give one” is rebranding. The philanthropic business Sky Footwear is now Sky Outfitters. The company says its brand has expanded beyond footwear to include cold weather attire.

“As the needs of both consumers and homeless communities continue to evolve, we recognized a tremendous opportunity to rebrand to Sky Outfitters and expand our product offering to better serve the public and fulfill the needs of homeless shelters across the country,” said Keaton Hendricks, founder and CEO of Sky Outfitters.

Since its founding in 2016, the company partnered with 30 homeless shelters across the Midwest to provide socks to people-in-need. During that time, Sky Outfitters has donated over 30,000 pairs. The e-commerce company says rebranding coincides with the launch two new apparel collections, including knit and merino wool beanies and scarves.

Hendricks says Sky Outfitters will integrate the new items into its business model where with every piece sold, the company donates that item to a homeless shelter.

The company also changed its logo as part of the rebrand. “Our identity as a brand in the retail industry has always centered around our mission to outfit customers and our partnered homeless shelters with high quality products,” said Hendricks.