BLOOMINGTON - IU Ventures has announced three new programs to develop connections between investors, entrepreneurs and the IU community to spur financial investment and grow initiatives.

The university says the IU Ventures programs allow a way for alumni to invest in IU other than writing a check by supporting young people and upstart businesses rooted in the university.

IU Ventures tries to build a bridge between faculty, students, and IU alumni who develop technology and other commercially viable products with IU-affiliated entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders with financial resources to help those ideas grow and possibly reach the marketplace.

"Our mission is to help our faculty, students, staff and alums to be able to take their innovative ideas and create a real impact on people around the globe," said Anthony T. Armstrong, president and CEO of IU Ventures.

IU Ventures launched the IU Philanthropic Venture Fund, The Quarry and the IU Angel Network. Here’s what each program offers:

  • Indiana University Philanthropic Venture Fund invests gifts from donors in high-potential startup companies and translates returns into additional investments in IU-affiliated startups through the ever-growing fund.
  • The Quarry seeks to engage IU faculty and help them explore options for commercializing their research and intellectual property.
  • The IU Angel Network offers accredited investors the opportunity to network and invest in a curated selection of IU-affiliated startups.

"We have traditionally focused on ways that IU can contribute to the economic vitality of Indiana," said Bill Stephan, IU vice president for government relations and economic engagement. "Specifically in this area, it's ensuring that our intellectual property and innovations that have market capabilities move forward more effectively and efficiently.”

IU Ventures is formerly known as the Indiana University Research and Technology Corp.