INDIANAPOLIS - Six years after brewing its first commercial batch of handcrafted ales, Indiana City Brewing Co. has acquired its own canning line. The move will allow the company to increase beer production and package more of their small-batch beers in cans.

“Installing our own canning line makes us more nimble and able to provide even more of what our fans can’t get enough of,” said Indiana City founder Ray Kamstra.

The brewery started canning beers and ales in 2015 by working with a mobile canning company which would temporarily set-up the canning equipment on site.

The company says it prefers cans to bottles because it keeps beer fresher and for longer periods.

“This growth step allows us to put more of our beers in cans that were previously only available on draft and it helps us brew more beer right away through greater efficiency.”

Indiana City beer can only be found locally around greater Indianapolis.