INDIANAPOLIS - Eagle Creek Airpark on the west side of Indianapolis is currently undergoing $4.5 million worth of improvements, using some construction material uncommon for airport runways. Construction crews are using recycled material from the old Taxiway B to rebuild the path.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority says using recycled material, ground down onsite, will reduce costs by eliminating the need to haul away old material and trucking in new.

“This process is not commonly used at airports today, so we’re early adopters on this one,” said Mario Rodriguez, IAA executive director and a civil engineer. 
The IAA says it needed to receive a special exception from the Federal Aviation Administration to construct the taxiway using recycled pavement. “We were able to meet construction and safety standards, yet limit construction costs, land disturbance, and impact to the surrounding community,” said Rodriguez.

The project is being paid for through federal grants the airport received last year. Rodriguez said the nearly $20 million in federal and state grants are instrumental in maintaining the six airfields in the entire IAA airport system, including the Indianapolis International Airport.

The project at Eagle Creek also includes drainage improvements and electrical upgrades. 

The airport authority received national recognition for using the sustainability initiatives, such as the reused materials and installation of LED lighting at Eagle Creek Airpark. Work is expected to be completed in September.