INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Power & Light Co. has submitted a plan to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to modernize its electric grid over a seven-year period. The plan is called IPL revAMP and the utility says it would address the upgrade and replacement of old equipment and hardware.

The plan would also allow the company to implement a self-healing electric grid, "smart" AMI meters to allow for users to review their energy usage online, along with the replacement of transformers, breakers, batteries and other equipment. 

“Our customers deserve reliable, seamless and efficient energy services, and IPL is committed to meeting customer energy needs now, and in the future,” said Vincent Parisi, President of U.S. Utilities for AES Corporation and President and CEO of Indianapolis Power & Light Company. “To continue meeting customer energy needs for generations to come, it is critical that we upgrade, replace and modernize the infrastructure, technology and equipment used to provide electric service.”

The company says IPL customers will experience fewer outages and shorter duration of outages, along with a more resilient system once the modernization is complete. Full implementation of the $1.2 billion plan would begin in 2020 and end in 2027, if approved by the IURC. IPL also says the plan would support an estimated 880 jobs annually in Marion County. The company plans to file its initial cost recovery request in the second quarter of 2020, and if approved, the project would not increase IPL's total retail revenues by more than 2 percent in any year of the work. Advance preparation for construction could begin as early as this fall, Click here to learn more about the project.