WEST LAFAYETTE - Purdue University Thursday announced its Cislunar Initiative to advance the space-based economy through collaboration. The program aims to take a leadership role in accessing the cislunar space, a term for the region encompassing Earth and the moon.  

The initiative also focuses on supplying the building blocks for infrastructure, identifying and utilizing space resources, advancing the development of space policy and providing educational opportunities.

“On July 18, 1969, after a journey over 200,000 miles from Earth, Apollo 11 crossed into the moon’s gravitational sphere of influence, a perfect example of cislunar space. Fifty years later on the same day, we are proud to launch the Purdue Engineering Initiative in cislunar space. From research and commercialization to talent development, our faculty, students and staff will contribute to critical dimensions of the next 50 years of small steps and giant leaps in space,” said Mung Chiang, the John A. Edwardson Dean of Purdue’s College of Engineering, in a news release.

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