ANGOLA - The Auburn-based James Foundation is pledging to help with an expansion on the campus of Trine University. The foundation has pledged $1.5 million toward the expansion of Fawick Hall, which is home for several of the university's engineering departments. 

The expansion will add space and materials for many programs, including biomedical, chemical, civil and design engineering technology. The new addition will also house the new School of Computing that will utilize software and computing engineering, along with computer science and information technology. 

"Engineering has been central to Trine University since 1902, and we are excited to provide expanded resources for Trine engineers while at the same time training students to help meet the critical technology infrastructure and cybersecurity needs of our region and nation," said Dr. Rick James, board chair.

Current designs of the new building include a glass-walled exterior and will feature new classrooms and labs, including an artificial intelligence/virtual reality lab. The gift is part of the $125 million Invest in Excellence campaign, which has raised over $106 million.