BLOOMINGTON - A digital mapping startup has received a significant investment from the Indiana University Philanthropic Venture Fund. The fund is investing $250,000 in Bloomington-based Ziptility. The startup uses digital mapping technology to help utility workers maintain buried infrastructure.

"Ziptility allows a utility's field staff to make and maintain better maps with smartphones," Henke said. "In the past, mapping has been reserved for engineers or IT staff, but it's the folks in the field who know, and have reason to remember, the most."

Ziptility President Tyler Henke says the company will use the investment to add team members and expand sales outside of Indiana. The company's founding director Doug Dayhoff, director of finance Jeff Buszkiewicz and board advisor Reuben Vandeventer are IU alumni.

"IU has an incredible network of alumni doing important work all around the world. We look forward to leveraging our IU connection to help us build meaningful new relationships with Hoosiers in other markets," Henke said.