ELKHART - Elkhart-based LCI Industries (NYSE: LCII) has announced its subsidiary, LCI Italy s.r.l. has acquired a manufacturer of window blind systems located in Siena, Italy. Michele Checcucci, chief executive officer of LCI RV Europe, says the company is “delighted” to be adding  Lavet s.r.l. into LCI’s European RV family.

The acquisition of Lavet will help LCI to expand its product portfolio. LCI and Lavet have worked together to service European leisure vehicles,  and LCI says it has gained insight into Lavet’s strong management team and product offerings.

Checcucci said “The experience and professionalism of Lavet’s Managing Director, Maurizio Pieramici, together with the solidity and dynamism of LCI’s European RV division team, will be the engine to innovate and strengthen this product category for LCI’s European RV division in the years to come.”