A Hendricks County nonprofit is extending its reach to help more people in central Indiana without health insurance. Hope Healthcare Services is using a more than $200,000 grant from the Indiana University Health Foundation to provide low-cost healthcare to residents of Marion County. The organization offers medical and dental services, typically $10 to $30 per visit, to residents who lack health insurance but do not qualify for state or federal assistance. 

In an interview with Business of Health Reporter Kylie Veleta, Hope Healthcare Executive Director John Mollaun said the nonprofit has been particularly beneficial for small businesses in Hendricks County, where 75 percent of businesses have nine employees or fewer.

"Certainly not all of those employees are without insurance, but those employers are not required to provide health insurance and many of them simply can't," said Mollaun. "Or they're seasonal workers (or) they're self-employed, but that's small business. They could be part of the people falling through the cracks and we're certainly available for them as well."

Mollaun says the IU Health Foundation grant has allowed Hope Healthcare to greatly expand its services.

"Up until this time, we've had all volunteer practitioners. All of our doctors, dentists, nurses, nurse practitioners were all volunteers. This has allowed us to add two staff members so for two full days a week, we'll have walk-ins (and) same-day/next-day appointments. It'll really double or triple our capacity. It also adds more mental health counseling and also some telepsychiatry."

Hope Healthcare, according to Mollaun, provides more than just primary care. The nonprofit has volunteers who do gynecology, urology, chiropractic medicine and physical therapy, as well as low-cost radiology and prescription assistance. 

You can watch the full interview in the video above.