The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute in Indianapolis has secured a license agreement with Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY) that allows the IBRI to access a proprietary display library. The institute says its pharmaceutical biotechnology center will use the library to study new antibodies and analyze the effectiveness of new diagnostics.

A Fab Phage Display Library is a large catalog of known viruses that infect bacteria and contains the genetic information that makes them up.

The IBRI’s Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Center is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies and plans to use resources in the library to work toward the overarching goal of improving human health.

 “Lilly is pleased to support the IBRI, and we share their mission of advancing discovery of novel drugs in Indiana,” said Darren Carroll, senior vice president of corporate business development at Lilly. “Through the licensing of this Lilly library, we are hopeful that the IBRI and its partners can make meaningful therapeutic advancements that lead to improved health for patients.”