Leaders of the Packard Area Planning Alliance and the city of Fort Wayne have dedicated a historic marker in honor of the Packard Piano & Organ Company and Packard Park. The marker is in the northwest corner of Packard Park, which opened in 1937 where the piano company once stood.

Originally known as the Fort Wayne Organ Company, the Packard Piano Company was founded by Isaac Packard and manufactured pump organs and pianos from 1871 to 1930.

The marker was funded by the city of Fort Wayne 2018 Neighborhood Improvement Grant program.

“The Packard Company is a critical part of our neighborhoods’ history,” said Arline Nation, president of the Packard Area Planning Alliance, in a news release. “We are proud to commemorate the company and ensure that generations to come have an appreciation for the story of the company, as well as the park we have today.”