The founder of Indianapolis-based Sky Footwear says the company's model goes beyond just socks. Keaton Hendricks launched the company in 2016 out of his Taylor University dorm room with the idea of using sales of socks to benefit the homeless community throughout the country. The startup, which recently wrapped up an initial round of funding, donates a pair of socks to a different homeless shelter in the U.S. for every pair of socks sold each month.

In an interview on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick, Hendricks said the company has seen a big impact in its short existence.

"For the homeless shelters, they really see it as a benefit to them because it's one less thing that they have to worry about," said Hendricks. "They are strapped for all these different things that they need to keep the shelter going. Having this be one less thing, a thing that they're in big need of, it really helps them."

Hendricks initially had the idea for the company in 2010 while volunteering at homeless shelters in Bloomington and noticing how rapidly they would go through socks. Since launching, Sky Footwear has received national attention, including from Chicago Cubs pitcher Steve Cishek, who wears the company's American flag socks before each game.

Sky Footwear is planning a relaunch of the company later this summer. Hendricks says, using the company's model, he is excited to move into other product offerings in the future.