FISHERS - Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness delivered his State of the City address Thursday and expressed his increased focus on regional collaboration. The mayor highlighted some efforts currently underway, as well as other quality of life initiatives in the Hamilton County city.

Fadness talked about his work in advocating for Regional Investment Hubs during the 2019 Indiana General Assembly. The mayor, along with Accelerate Indiana Municipalities, launched the effort in January to push for legislation for investment hubs, which they said would help regional development officials raise revenue.

The mayor also discussed the collaboration between the Fishers Police Department and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to create a database for confiscated firearms and ballistic materials that would track ballistic and DNA evidence for every firearm and bullet collected in Indianapolis. He says having Fishers officers training on the database is a first step toward a regional approach to combating violent crimes.

"Today, cities do not exist or thrive because of their proximity to farms or their distance to natural resources, but they exist to create an experience and quality of life that supports the most precious natural resource of all, people," Fadness said. To compete in today’s economy, we must invest in people. And like with any natural resource it is critical that we continually evaluate the health of that resource to ensure long term sustainability. Changing the trajectory of our people’s quality of life can seem daunting for a community, but if we collaborate as a region, I believe we have the opportunity to grow our way out of our problems. Companies and talented people are comparing metropolitan areas when deciding to locate. Right now, we will not win the race in the long run."

Fadness also had various city and community leaders talk about other efforts that have been, or are being, implemented throughout the city with regard to entrepreneurship, education, equity and inclusion, school-based mental health, and economic development.