INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis-based startup LifeOmic has created an app to help people track the practice of intermittent fasting. Don Brown, founder and chief executive officer, says the practice isn’t only for losing weight, but can help participants reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's. 

Brown, who previously founded and sold Software Artistry and Interactive Intelligence, says the idea for the LIFE Fasting Tracker came from a cloud platform he used at the Indiana School of Medicine. He says the platform uses machine learning and mobile devices to offer solutions to healthcare providers, researchers health IT companies and more.

In an interview on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick, Brown told Kylie Veleta the app helps people track their short intermittent fasts, and has taken off since its launch.

“We had built a cloud platform that we use at IU School of Medicine for a number of cancer teams and we thought it would be fun to have, and useful, to have a mobile app that could tie to that cloud platform and provide some scalability tests. I had our mobile team build a little fasting tracker that lets you click to start or stop the time of a fast and share the information with family members and it just took off. We thought we would have a couple thousand people using it, this week we passed 350,000 people around the world.” 

Brown says a true goal of the app is to create a cloud platform that streamlines how medical information is shared and stored.