CARMEL - Carmel tops Yahoo Finance’s list of the "Top Ten Places to Raise a Family in the Midwest." The city was recognized for its low poverty rate, high graduation rates and reading proficiency.

To name the best cities to raise a family in the Midwest, Yahoo considered data on 10 factors. Housing costs as a percent of income, the annual cost of childcare, the percent of residents under the age 20, average math and reading proficiencies, high school graduation rates, the average spending per pupil, poverty rates, unemployment rates and crime rates were all part of the methodology.

Carmel topped the list and has a sizable lead over the second-place city. Yahoo says Carmel scores well in nearly every metric and ranks in the top 10 for six out of the 10 metrics.

Housing costs in the city make up just 15 percent of the median income, which is the best rate in the study. Carmel also has the lowest poverty rate on the list.

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