CHESTERTON - Work on the restoration of the pavilion at the Indiana Dunes State Park has started back up. Our partners at The Times of Northwest Indiana report protesters have voiced objections to the planned construction of a banquet facility at the site, among other renovations.

Dunes Action says it is opposed to the addition of two balconies, the use of the concrete promenade below them for dining areas and the addition of a glass-walled bar on the pavilion roof, all of which the group says affect its architectural design and integrity.

"The DNR (Indiana Department of Natural Resources) still hasn’t obtained a Certificate of Approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board,” Jim Sweeney, Dunes Action co-founder, said. "By re-starting construction without one, we believe they are in violation of Indiana law, so we’ve reported this violation to the Porter County Prosecutor."

Tara Wolf, director of communications from the DNR did not agree,telling the publication that the DNR has been issued a letter of clearance.

Wolf provided a letter from 2015, to Pavilion Partners LLC managing partner Chuck Williams. The letter indicates the Department of Historic Preservation Review Board granted the permit with qualifications earlier in January 2015.

According to the publication, the project is underway and will move forward with the goal of completion by May 2020.

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