FORT WAYNE - The Parkview Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen, a hub for accessing healthy food and resources, is slated to open to the public with free classes and tours starting in May. The greenhouse will also be used for research and growing techniques.

Located in a food desert, the facility was built in 2018 and aims to connect area residents with the fresh food, information and skills they need to improve their nutrition and well-being. 

The program is funded in part by Parkview Community Health Improvement and Parkview Physicians Group.

The Learning Kitchen will begin classes May 7. Representatives say the classes will include cooking demonstrations and hands-on activities designed to foster the skills needed to select, grow and cook fresh food. 

“We recognize the power of fresh, healthy food in disease prevention and health promotion,” said Sarah GiaQuinta, MD, vice president of community health for Parkview Health in a news release. “As caregivers, it is critical that we understand the social and environmental influencers of health and wellness within our community. The Parkview Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen addresses our patients’ health outside of hospital and clinic walls by providing hands-on education, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to an area of Fort Wayne where healthy food isn’t easily accessible.”

The Community Greenhouse will offer tours starting May 9, with gardening classes available later this summer.

 All classes and tours are free and open to the public.