INDIANAPOLIS - The Central Indiana Community Foundation has announced its new 5-year strategic plan. The foundation says it aims to create environments that focus on empowering people regardless of class or race.

CICF announced a focus around five community leadership areas that they hope will work together.

The areas are:

  • Family Stabilization: Everyone should have equitable opportunities to obtain housing, transportation and health services.
  • Neighborhood Empowerment and Placemaking: Communities are most successful and thriving when investments are resident-driven and when neighborhoods have access to culturally relevant art, nature and beauty every day.
  • Economic Mobility: All people can rise out of poverty by acquiring skills that lead to living wage jobs, and if they are not held back by inequitable policies.
  • Criminal Justice Reform: Residents have a right to live in safe communities, and we need to commit to better outcomes for people interacting with the criminal justice system.
  • Dismantling Systemic Racism: As a foundation, CICF is committed to becoming a fully inclusive, anti-racist and multicultural organization.

“We know that there is a growing gap between the affluent and poor in Central Indiana, and that race has a profound impact on opportunity,” said Greg Hahn, CICF board chair, in a news release. “People are being left behind systematically and we are ready to change that.”