WARSAW - Warsaw-based OrthoWorx has launched a community-wide survey as part of its effort to bolster the area’s talent attraction, retention and the degree to which residents feel welcome. Indianapolis-based consulting group Black Onyx will also help to plan and implement the study.

The online survey will be distributed through a variety of channels, including employers and community organizations.  

All data will be confidential and analyzed by Black Onyx, who will provide a report to the Welcomeness Study Advisory Committee. The committee will share relevant information with local groups, organizations, civic leaders and companies. A summary of the findings will be shared to the general public this summer.

“With the incredibly tight labor market, many communities are taking steps to assure that they are seen as welcoming, recognizing that inclusive population growth is required to meet the talent needs of local employers,” said Nichole Rouached, Manager of Communications and Projects for OrthoWorx in a news release.  “Ultimately, local organizations want to know why people come to Kosciusko and what might prevent them from living in the area. Given the record low unemployment the region is facing, the Welcomeness Study is one of many ways local organizations are trying to get an edge on talent attraction, understanding how they can better serve those who live, work or play in Kosciusko County.”

Funding for the study was provided by Cardinal Services, the Kosciusko County Community Foundation and OrthoWorx.