INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute has released its 2018 Annual Report. The report details how the IBRI has expanded its  biopharmaceutical research and health data analytics and the establishment of the IBRI Diabetes Center.

The center aims to become a central Indiana “nexus” for advanced diabetes research. It includes a partnership with Eli Lilly and Company and Indiana University School of Medicine, the Lilly Diabetes Center of Excellence. The IDC also includes the IBRI’s Regenerative Medicine and Metabolic Biology group.

The report also shows how the IBRI’s Applied Data Sciences Center is gathering electronic health records, making them ready for analysis and research by industry and academic partners through integration. 

“Last year, the IBRI significantly expanded its research capabilities and broadened its collaborations with life sciences companies and research universities, and that momentum is continuing in 2019,” said Rainer Fischer, Ph.D., IBRI chief executive officer and chief scientific and innovation officer, in a news release. “Our print and online annual report provide our diverse stakeholders with a source of rich information to see and understand how we are helping patients in Indiana and around the world, while bolstering the state economy at the same time.”

The report also discusses how the IBRI’s Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Center is working to develop new vaccines and antibodies for human and animal health.

To view the full report, click here